1st International Cartoon Exhibition Sofia 2010 Results - Bulgaria

Contests - Results 2010

First Prize – 2 x 1000 euro


First Prize - Pawel Kuczynski - Poland



First Prize -Sergey Semendyaev – Ukraina

Second prize – 2 x 500 euro

Boris Erenburg - Izrael
Musa Gumuz - Turkey

Third prize – 500 euro

Vladimir Nenashev -Russia

Special Awards

Diliana Nikolova - Bulgaria
Zygmunt Zaradkiewicz - Poland
Jovcho Savov - Bulgaria
Ivan Kutuzov - Bulgaria
Valentin Georgiev - Bulgaria
Toso Borkovich - Serbia
Norbert Van Yperzeele - Belgique
Cristian Topan - Romania
Rumen Dragostinov - Bulgaria
Alla and Chavdar Georgiev - Bulgaria

Exhibition – Sofia
October 27 – November 28, 2010

The exhibition is a large-scale international event presenting a variety of styles and trends in cartoon drawing through works devoted to the topical and ever so sensitive issue of man and the city.

Transcending the bounds of what is simply funny, the said works encourage contemplation and make alarming conclusions, reminding about the responsibility we all share in the effort to prevent the pending world catastrophe. On the other hand, charged with the indestructible power of laughter, the cartoons also inspire hope that man has the capacity to change the course of events and take good care of the Earth, our only home, the home that all of us share.

Some 386 works from 50 countries around the world were turned in for participation in the exhibition.

The jury has selected 96 caricatures by 78 artists from 29 countries.

The originals of the latter works will be on display at the Sofia City Art Gallery exhibition hall, while their enlarged copies will be featured in an exhibition put up on the bridge behind the National Palace of Culture.

Prize winners will be announced upon the exhibition’s opening at the Sofia City Art Gallery.

Selection has been made of the first, second and third prize winners, as well as of the winners of 10 other special prizes to be awarded on behalf of media partners.

The exhibition organizers seek to establish the event as an annual international cartoonists’  festival.

The exhibition was organized in cooperation with the Sofia City Municipal Authority, the “Cartoon drawing” section at the Union of Bulgarian Artists, FECO – Bulgaria /Federation of Cartoonists’ Organizations/, SRN – Bulgaria /Organization for the Protection of Cartoonists’ Rights/.

More information and rules are available on the official website of the contest:
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Sofia - Bulgaria

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