DonQuichotte - German / Turkish

Cartoon magazine promoting arts, peace and most of all humor.

Founded by renown Turkish cartoonist Erdogan Karayel, Don Quichotte is a cartoon magazine promoting arts, peace and most of all humor. Initially born to give a voice to the Turkish community in Germany (where the magazine is based) the magazine has gradually become a more international one.Don Quichotte is non-commercial/non-profit.

The principal feature with Don Quichotte is that its readers can participate to the project by sending their own illustrations and cartoons. Cartoonists-readers are asked to send cartons on topics like the The Bird Flue, The German World Cup, The Lebanon War, to name only some.

Cartoons are published on-Line and the selected ones will feature on the pages of the monthly paper magazine, with a chance to being also exhibited at international venues (giving to amatour as well as to professional cartoonists a great chance of high exposure).
Amongst the regular professional illustrators and cartoonists featuring on Don Quichotte are American David Baldinger, Brasilian Ares, Argentine Ana Von Rebeur, Iranian Rahim Baggal Asgari, Turkish Kamil Yavuz and Ukrainan Julia Lishchenko.

Stuttgart, Germany
Don Quichotte, Deutsch-Turkische Monatliche Satirezeitchrift, Sophienstr. 23 A, 70178

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Category: Art, Culture
Periodicity: Monthly
Language: English / Turkish / German
Format: 220 x 300 mm
Founded in 2005


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